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Information about automated diagnosing of Sars-cov-2Infection

The coronavirus has done more harm than any other virus in recent history. With more than 162,000 cases in the USA and more than 54.7 million cases reported worldwide, policymakers and governments all over the world have been scrambling to find ways to contain and further prevent new outbreaks of the virus. Detecting infections efficiently is the first step in this process.

Along with social distancing procedures and increased care for the aged and those in the vulnerable groups, extensive testing can provide statistics on which policymakers can base and make decisions to prevent an outbreak.

How is Sars-cov-2 tested?

Corvid testing is usually done by taking a swab of the nose and the back of the throat and then running an automated molecular diagnostic test.

Testing early and regularly can be useful in detecting the virus in carriers and aids in taking preventive measures like social isolation and treatments.

Tests have been proven to diagnose and prevent as much as 30% of coronavirus cases from occurring or encouraging social measures put in place to prevent further outbreak.

A worthy testament to the benefits of efficient testing is the case of the Wuhan province, China.They practically eradicated and prevented new outbreaks of the sar-covid-2 virus by taking measures based on extensive testing results.

What is needed for Sars-cov-2 testing?

Human Resources

Carrying out tests might require a large amount ofhuman resources, and each test can take up to 3 hours to administer. Thus this method is very inefficient in dealing with testing cases, especially in urban and densely populated places, and can lead to an increased likelihood of false positives, cost-containment pressures, and diagnostic inaccuracies.

Medical Technology

Scaling up testing procedures is done with highly efficient automated molecular anti-body testers, which are a recent advancement of modern medical technology.

A lot of companies like Attila biosystems, Altona diagnostics, and others currently produce testing technologies that can detect the sars-covid-2-virus by using nucleic acid swabs. These companies provide products that promise to revolutionize testing and other medical technologies in the field of sars-covid-2.

The major problem with tests and automated tests by extension is the occurrence of false positives, wrong diagnostic results, and other human errors which can mar the result of any test and put the validity in question

How does the BD max molecular diagnostic system work?

The BD max automated testing system comes to the rescue by providing a lowerfalse positives rate than others. It does this by combining and automating extraction and thermocycling into a single platform that has been proven to be capable of running many types of tests, including FDA, cleared ones.

It uses PCR technology and a standardized workflow to increase test accuracy while also improving efficiency by performing extractions using pre-filled reagent strips.The advantage of using the BD max testing system is that unlike other tests in the same category, the BD max can be adapted to cater to a broad array of tests.

Currently, the BD Max has the approval and endorsement of the FDA and by various reputable orgnizationsworldwide, but testing is limited to the US in the meantime.


The eradication of the devastating pandemic caused by sars-cov-2 is highly dependent on detecting the infection. If the cases are not discovered rapidly and efficiently, its highly contagious nature will render all management efforts futile.

BD max molecular diagnostic system represents an innovative medical technology that makes the testing process maximally accurate and effortless. With this invention, we can rest assured, knowing there is a means to adequately detect infected persons and curb the spread through mandatory isolation.

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