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Cannabis 101: The Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

Weed is a plant, considered for medicinal and recreational, with no botanical significance. Most people and even the government prohibited the usage of the said plant. However, some believed that it is a wild plant that is a blessing from the sky, being a valuable crop plant. The term weed may apply to some plants reproducing or growing aggressively or invasive outside of its native habitat. Weed is applied pejoratively to the plant kingdom, it can reproduce quickly and survive in diverse environments. With the great use of weed, many people are looking for cannabis products, which are available in the weed online dispensary.

Medicinal Uses of Cannabis

Weed 101: Indica vs Sativa

Weed can be of different types, these are the Indica and Sativa. There are various effects of a particular hybrid strain can create. So, it is helpful to know the differences between Indica and Sativa. The characteristics of these strains make a great difference to recreational consumers according to the high effect and medicinal use.

  • Indica cannabis knows for its relaxing effects. These strains have the strongest effect that causes couch-lock. It is a condition of the body that feels heavy. The person who consumes it feels to lie down or sit down until the high effect gets worn off. It is often recommended for patients that suffer from muscle pain, spasms, and anxiety.
  • Sativa cannabis. The strain can stimulate and uplift the consumer. It has signature characteristics and tends to grow shorter over the other Sativas. The plants are bushy with leaves that grow closer together. Sativa strains are used for boosting productivity and focus. This strain is ideal for patients with depression and ADHD. Sativa strains have pain-relieving qualities like Indicas. The plant grows taller than the Indicas, which is highly recommended for outdoor growing. The plant is thinner and more sparse with leaves growing much farther apart.
  • Hybrid cannabis. It is plant genetics, a cross Indica, and Sativa with a large role in the effects for the users. The Sativa dominant hybrids are more uplifting while the Indica-dominant strains are incorporated with more relaxing effects.

Sativa versus Indica paint a partial picture of the effects of the strains. It is also essential to look at the ratio of the CBD and THC, not so popular cannabinoids, such as THCV, CBC, CBG, and Terpenes. With all this information, it is easy for you to get knowledge of these factors that help consumers choose a good strain. Of course, it is difficult to know the effects of hybrid cannabis can produce if not yet consumed. 

Online store of weed strains

Cannabis dispensaries can’t be easy to visit and buy a kind of cannabis product, so weed online store is made available for weed fanatics. Without a doubt, many cannabis users are using the plant for consumption, both medical and recreational purposes. Weed strains have been widely used all around the world, but only a few states are legalizing cannabis. Therefore, an online dispensary is made possible and available for those who badly need this product.

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