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Top 6 Benefits of Mobile Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers are one of the most popular methods to clean air. Good air quality is essential, especially for those suffering from respiratory issues. The Environmental Protection Agency (EVA) stated that indoor air is far more polluted than outside air. Because indoor spaces are enclosed, many pollutants like dust, chemicals, microscopic living organisms, and odors can harbor in these spaces. People with weak immune systems have a high risk of getting sick because of these pollutants. Air scrubbers are one of the most popular methods to clean air. Here are the top 6 benefits of air scrubbers.

Mobile air scrubbers and industrial air scrubbers are the ultimate commercial-grade room air treatment for cleaning systems. Mobile air scrubbers are used in offices, schools, senior living facilities, gyms, hospitals, locker rooms, clinics, etc., and industrial air scrubbers are used for construction projects, restoration jobs, and remediation projects.

Reduces Contaminants

The University of Cincinnati conducted a test on reducing airborne contaminants with air scrubbers. We bring contaminants into our homes and other indoor spaces through our clothes, hands, shoes, etc. Contaminants transfer to countertops, floors, doorknobs. Air scrubbers are proven to destroy most surface contaminants. Air scrubbers are essential for hospital spaces too because it prevents contaminated air from spreading to the rest of the facility.

Prevents Allergy causing Sickness

Pathogens and allergens are common causes of allergies. Air scrubbers contain oxygen and hydrogen cleaning molecules that purify the air. Air scrubber also destroys most surface contaminants in indoor spaces like offices, daycares, schools, etc. The scrubber’s technology fights E. Coli, staph, hepatitis A, strep, swine flu, etc.

Helps You Breathe More Easily

Air scrubbers have the power to clean the air and reduce airborne contaminants by 90 percent. Mobile and industrial air scrubbers decrease the intensity of scents, including cigarette odors, paint fumes, wet dog scents, etc. Moreover, these air scrubbers remove hazardous fumes like hair dye, ink fumes, etc. Air scrubbers naturally fight odor-causing bacteria from pets, expired food, and burnt food.

Prevents Irritating Particles

Air scrubbers are great for people who suffer allergies. Mold, pollen, dust, etc. causes watery and itchy eyes, lack of sleep, and sneezing. Air scrubbers purify the air and reduce pollutants that trigger allergies and asthma.

Helps You Sleep Better

Air pollutants can affect the quality of your sleep. Having a mobile air scrubber at home can improve the air around your rooms and help relax you. Freshened and lighter air is proven to improve the quality of sleep.

Freshens the Air

Air scrubbers are far more effective than air fresheners. Air fresheners might be more dangerous because they add chemicals to the air, in comparison to air scrubbers that naturally reduce air pollutants.

Ultimately, air scrubbers, mobile or industrial, is the best way to automatically and naturally cleanse the air and contaminated surfaces. The negative ions from the air scrubber attach themselves to surfaces to clean them. If you want clean air and surfaces, air scrubbers are the best option for you.

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