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Cancer Treatment Information In Singapore

Cancer is defined from a medical point of view as a class of diseases in which one or a group of cells undergo uncontrolled growth in an abnormal manner that penetrates or destroys other neighboring cells. These abnormal cells can also sometimes spread to other places in the body through the lymph or blood. Cancer treatment in Singapore is an important advancement in science, the purpose of which is to increase the life expectancy of sick patients, control the spread of the disease elsewhere in the body and reduce its symptoms.

Although the existence of Cancer dates back to 1600 BC, until recently it was one of the intractable diseases. Cancer is one of many diseases in which a large amount of funds is invested for research and experimentation for various treatment options. After many years of research and clinical trials, many methods have finally emerged that can help contain the spread of the disease and help affected patients lead a better life.

There are many standard and alternative cancer treatment in Singapore options, thanks to constant research and long-term efforts. Standard treatments include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Along with the standard methods, there are alternative treatments that are aimed at reducing the symptoms of the disease.


Most cancers form a tumor, with the exception of some, such as leukemia. These tumors can be surgically removed to eliminate the body’s cancer growth. Sometimes in cases of long-term damage caused by a tumor, the entire organ is surgically removed to prevent further spread or growth. Usually breast cancer and prostate cancer are treated with this method. This type of treatment can be effectively used for tumors that do not metastasize and do not spread throughout the body. Cancer growth, which has already spread to other parts of the body, cannot be limited to surgery. Usually, the “staging” process is performed before surgery to determine the levels of spread of the disease to other parts of the body. This helps determine the level at which surgery can be useful for treating a disease.

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In some cases, medications are given to stop the spread or growth of cancer cells. These drugs are administered orally or intravenously to remove abnormal cells and keep the disease under control. This cancer treatment in Singapore is known as chemotherapy. The dose and frequency of medication or chemotherapy are usually determined by the doctor depending on the patient’s health condition and the results of the staging. There are no fixed dose levels for this cancer treatment process in Singapore. Although this method is effective, it has a temporary solution. The drug, which is injected, fights the disease and tries to repair the cells, but the consequences are short-lived. Dose and frequency increase with time in this treatment method. It should also be borne in mind that chemotherapy has its own side effects, which can vary depending on the state of health of the patients.

Radiation therapy

Like other cancer treatments, radiation therapy also aims to destroy diseased cells and prevent their spread or growth. In this method, instead of drugs, high-energy X-rays are used to destroy abnormal cells. These x-rays damage the DNA of diseased cells and kill these cells. The method of radiation therapy is usually performed at regular intervals to allow sufficient time to restore normal cells that are also damaged. As we have seen, the method of radiation therapy damages other normal cells, as well as the sick. The damage that occurs in cancer cells is greater than in normal cells, and therefore normal cells do not suffer from destruction, like diseased cells, and are soon restored.

Hormonal therapy

In some cases, hormones that help in tumor growth counterattack by injecting drugs that act to inhibit such hormonal actions. This method is used in hormone therapy, where hormones that help strengthen the effects of the disease and symptoms are suppressed by the introduction of drugs against the effect. As an example, it is known that estrogen promotes the growth of diseased cells in breast cancer and, therefore, the treatment of breast cancer using hormonal methods includes the administration to the patient of anti-estrogenic drugs.

Modern methods

There are many new cancer treatments in Singapore that have recently been discovered in the medical field. Immunotherapy and transplants are the most popular of all. Immunotherapy is based on the assumption that a strong immune system helps the body fight disease. This method prescribes medications that will help improve the body’s immunity and help it better prepare for the fight against the disease. Transplantation is also a common treatment that is commonly used in cases of bone marrow transplantation or stem cell transplantation. Other popular methods, but still being investigated, include proton therapy, gene therapy and biological therapy. 

Alternative methods

There are also alternative or complementary cancer treatments that are mainly intended to alleviate the side effects and pain, and not to treat. Reiki and acupuncture offer several treatments that help patients relieve pain and other discomfort. Gerson’s therapy and bovine cartilage are also often used as alternative cancer treatments in Singapore.

Although there are many modern and standard treatment methods, the spread of the disease is a key factor in the level of cure probability. Therefore, it is important that we arm ourselves with basic knowledge of symptoms and prevention methods so that the cancer completely collapses. Remember that early detection of cancer is not fatal and can be completely cured and you can know more about cancer treatment in singapore here.

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