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What are the different types of acupuncture treatments?

Acupuncture is a specialized form of treatment in which the experts are following the specialized techniques and procedures in order to provide the various form of treatments. From among the different types of treatments, 8 constitution medicine is a specialized one that is providing the holistic approach to get rid of the various chronic pains and also naturally improve the overall health.

Everything about 8 constitution medicine:

  • In the year 1965, Dr. Dowon Kuon introduced the 8-constitution medicine which is providing a new way to look at how the humans may reverse the chronic pains / ailments and also enhance their overall health.
  • According to his study, each and every human has a particular constitution made up of both the weaker and stronger organs.
  • He also found the differences in the organ composition and also body type among the humans and also found the treatments and regimens for every type of the body in order to lead the greater health & wellness.
  • The experts are combining the specific acupuncture treatments with the set of foods to provide such a great range of the 8-constitution medicine approach to relieve from the chronic pain.

Some other types of acupuncture treatments:

  • Korean acupuncture – It is actually a specialized form of the acupuncture which integrates the various techniques from the traditional Japanese acupuncture, Chinese acupuncture and also the 5-element acupuncture.
  • Traditional Chinese acupuncture – This kind of acupuncture treatment is a very old but the best technique followed by the several numbers of practitioners for treating the channels or lines in the human body through which the energy of the body actually flows.
  • Japanese acupuncture – The Japanese acupuncture is another considerable type of the acupuncture used by the practitioners who touch to diagnose the pains or ailments and also to find the right location of the relevant acupuncture point. Once they have located the correct points, they are using the guiding tube to shallowly insert the very thin needles.
  • Auricular acupuncture – This type of the acupuncture treatment usually targets the points on the outer part of the ears with the use of either electro-acupunctoscopes or needles in order to help relieve any pain or other health complaint. Every acupoint on the ear during this treatment triggers the electrical impulses from the ear via the brain to the particular area of the body which is being treated.
  • Trigger Point acupuncture – Trigger point acupuncture is the modern acupuncture technique which combines the traditional type of the Chinese medicine with the western physical medicine in order to provide the best treatments for pains.

According to the condition of your pain, the practitioners will provide you a suitable type of the acupuncture treatment from among them.

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