Seborrheic dermatitis? Treatments

Is it possible to treat and keep seborrheic dermatitis at bay with organic products? Of course! Even if it’s not easy. Finding a good hair care routine is already a challenge, and being able to find one with scalp imbalances can be a real tragedy! But don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Today I will give you some information on seborrheic dermatitis, which unfortunately has been affecting me for several years, and a list of organic products suitable for use Need more information on the price of hair treatment in Singapore?

There are sebaceous gland dysfunctions, and one of the most common is seborrheic dermatitis .

Need more information on the price of hair treatment in Singapore?

Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic-relapsing eczema, which affects the areas where there are many sebaceous glands and causes red spots on the skin, scaling and itching , especially on the forehead , ears , eyebrows , on the sides of the nose , upper part of the back and genitals. Although this pathology is very common (1-5% of the world population, mainly Westerners, males are more likely than females), the main cause is still unknown.

It is undoubtedly linked to stress , climate change , unhealthy diet and lifestyle , diseases or hormonal changes , and the use of aggressive products . Unfortunately , there is no real definitive cure .

In the areas affected by seborrheic dermatitis, there are many fungal strains of Malassezia , scientifically defined yeasts , which are the cause of inflammation, redness and itching. In fact, with their removal using antifungal agents, the skin picture improves considerably. Being yeasts, they tend to proliferate with humidity , so in case of DS or other pathologies related to yeasts and fungi, night compresses (or with too long shutter speeds ) that require wet hair are not recommended.

Needless to say

that you have a bad outbreak, the first and only thing to do is go to the dermatologist ! He will certainly give you pharmacy products, which will certainly not be anything but organic, but it will be essential to use them. Once the situation has stabilized, you can then start treating seborrheic dermatitis with bio maintenance products .

As for conditioner / mask, I will not stop to advise you, because they are products that should not be applied to the scalp, regardless of dermatitis. Ditto for styling, even if every now and then you ask me for advice because styling products bother your skin, and therefore I can only advise you not to apply it from the root and prefer gels (linseed, katira, aloe, methi, chia , psyllium).

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