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Mindful Self-Care Practices for People Over 40

Many individuals who are over their 40s undergo what we call as “midlife crisis.” We often think that we already pass the prime of our lives if we reached that mark. The good thing is that many people realize that midlife can be the best time of their lives. One way to overcome this is to have mindful self-care practices. On this article, we will find out the essentials to help you in promoting mind and body resilience.

Get Up and Exercise!

Exercise is one thing that can help us building resilience for our body and mind. Several studies have found out that exercising can protect your brain against the damaging effects of stress and can help you with your mood. Exercise is also a physical stressor which can help raise the threshold required to activate the stress response, meaning when you do cardio, you can even tolerate more stress and reduce burnout.

So, start doing brisk walking or biking for 30 minutes at least three times a day. It will have apparent positive effects on your calorie burn and toning. Aside from that, it can also have a fantastic impact on your brain.

Minimize Mood Altering Substances

You may not notice it, but alcohol and other substances can affect your mood and cause a rebound effect. When you turn to opiate or benzodiazepine medications, the receptors in the brain are now less capable of receiving the natural inhibitory neutral transmission needed to activate a sense of calm leading to rebound irritability or anxiety.

Potentia Ttherapy

The same is true for stimulants, after using it, anything like sunsets, puppies or even babies will no longer bring you joy, making you more prone to depression and poor mood. If you are under medication, always make sure that you follow the correct dosage and always consult your doctor for any changes that you may notice.

Maintain Consistent Sleep Patterns

It could be hard to get that optimal sleep that your body is looking for with all the stress and other factors that surround you. However, sleep hygiene is critical for you to be able to manage your daily hormone shifts. Dim the lights ahead of your sleep time, reduce caffeine intake, and as much as possible get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

When Meditating breathe

With all of the endless distractions, you need to increase the need for the deliberate practice of mental discipline. Meditation can be challenging even to those who practice it regularly. So, make the most of your training by letting go of your expectations and focus on your breath. If you can manage to clear out your head for just a minute, you are still meditating.

You don’t have to push yourself because you are not doing it right. There are many different ways that you can practice meditation and Potentia Ttherapy can help you find what works for you so that you can enjoy the process.


We tend to disregard our mental and physical health especially once we reached a certain point in our lives. You may not know it, but your body and brain can influence how you feel. Having mindful self-care practices can help you maximize the full potential of your body and mind and can help you be happy and healthy without the limitation of your age.

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