Invisalign: From Start to Finish

One of the most common dental issues many children and adults suffer from is misaligned or crooked teeth. This problem can negatively impact your physical appearance and, in more severe cases, cause speech issues or other health problems. Thanks to specialized dentists’ modern and technical services, you can have your crowded teeth realigned without difficulties. Invisalign is one of the essential methods provided by experienced and dedicated orthodontists to treat alignment problems. According to an experienced dental specialsits offering affordable invisalign in Vancouver, during this method, you are asked to wear a clear aligner for several hours a day, and you are allowed to remove them when you want to eat something or brush your teeth. Besides, if it is necessary to be in an important meeting and you are not happy with Invisalign on your teeth, you can take them away. Please read this beneficial article to learn more about the effectiveness and benefits of this practical type of orthodontic treatment.

Some Common Types of Invisalign

Thanks to the significant advancement in dentistry, Invisalign offers a broad range of beneficial types to meet different dental needs. Several reasons should be considered, such as patients’ age and the severity of their conditions, to determine which types of Invisalign are needed to solve the problem and effectively provide you with picture-perfect smiles. Therefore, once you schedule a time to visit professionally-trained orthodontists, they will recommend the most appropriate alignment treatment depending on the important results of their initial mouth evaluations. The following items are the most important types of Invisalign treatment that you may recommend during your orthodontic appointments:

Some Common Types of Invisalign

-Invisalign Teen: Whenever you decide to get your teen’s misaligned teeth aligned, you are commonly advised to start this treatment. Since your teens’ teeth and jawbone are still growing, and their teeth aren’t placed in their permanent locations in their mouth, realigning them will be done more quickly than others. The essential point that should be taken into consideration is that teenagers usually don’t do their best to take care of their aligners, or in most cases, they remove them from their moth for prolonged periods due to several reasons. Therefore, professional orthodontists discuss with teens’ parents about various motivation factors that persuade teenagers to keep Invisalign in their mouth for the expected time.

-Invisalign Full: It refers to the clear braces for those unhappy with traditional dental braces. A wide range of dental defects, especially those that are a bit more complicated, can be effectively solved with the help of Invisalign full. Generally, the process of realigning crooked teeth with Invisalign full will take approximately 12 to 18 months, but it should be noted they need to be changed every two weeks.

Invisalign Express: Generally, this beneficial type of Invisalign is properly designed to solve mild orthodontic issues in the front side of your mouth. In addition, it has the potential to provide significant results to improve dental gaps.

Who Are the Most Appropriate Cases for Invisalign?

In general speaking, teens and adults are considered the most suitable candidates for Invisalign treatments. However, a number of other factors should be taken into account to determine if this treatment can provide valued patients with fascinating results.

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