More facts about biotin patches by PatchMD

Do you want to know more about Biotin patches? We’re here to answer your questions and get you educated! You’ve probably seen commercials for them, but do you know what they do? Well, let us enlighten you.


In this article, we have listed the essential facts about biotin patches by PatchMD. First, they help with hair loss and balding – that’s a benefit beyond anything else! They also make your hair thicker and shinier because of the high nutrient concentration in biotin.


They are safe to use, as proven by clinical research studies by the FDA and the University of California. You can buy them without a prescription, which means you can use them immediately. The patches are relatively small – about the size of an adhesive bandage. The biotin is placed directly onto your skin and slowly dissolves. This is how it works: the body absorbs it through the skin, gradually working through its system – so there’s no guesswork involved!


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Why should you use a hair loss patch? If you’re watching this video for information about biotin patches that help with hair loss, here are our recommended reasons to use them.


It’s 100% natural. Biotin is the same stuff we have in our bodies, which means it’s safe to use. Its exact purpose isn’t yet known – some studies say it helps with hair growth, and others say it helps with skin health; still, some theories suggest that it might have a role to play in preventing hair loss. But whatever its role may be, you can be sure of one thing: if you use a biotin patch for hair loss, it’ll be completely natural!


Biotin is the same stuff we have in our bodies, which means it’s safe to use. When you use a biotin patch for hair loss, you won’t have to worry about any chemicals or side effects – all you’ll get is the benefits. It’s not uncommon to see something work on TV or in an advertisement and then be scared off by the side effects afterwards! But with a biotin patch, you’re guaranteed that there won’t be any after-effects because it uses natural ingredients that don’t cause harm to your body.


A biotin patch is straightforward to use. It’s just a Band-Aid that you can put on your body (usually your forehead – the skin there is thick enough to hold the adhesive but thin enough to let the nutrients through). Once you stick it on, it’ll slowly dissolve over time – usually around 4 hours – and then you’ll notice it’s gone! Now all you need to do is ensure you’re getting your recommended dose of biotin every day so that it works properly.

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