What to Expect as an Intended Parent

Surrogacy is a complex process. It is a partnership between the surrogate mother and the intended parents fortified by the surrogacy agency. If in this case, you need surrogate parent, you should know what to expect before and after the baby’s birth.

There are many things that you need to be ready from legal matters to medical and financial undertakings. To give you an idea, here are things to expect as intended parents:

Getting started
To start the journey, it is important that you send an inquiry to a surrogacy agency. You only need to fill the contact form so the necessary personnel can review it. If you want to talk personally, you can arrange a consultation – some are free some are not.

If you are decided, you have to submit the initial fee. Your official journey as intended parents will start the moment you fill out an intended parent profile online. During this process, you are free to browse through a list of surrogates or egg donors. It will not stop there because you will be scheduled psychological consultation with the agency’s in-house psychologist.

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Contract signing and medical testing
After the background checks and the consultation with their in-house psychologist, you need to sign a contract. The contract is important because it will outline responsibilities as intended parents. The contract should also contain the services provided by the agency. As soon as the contract is done, the agency may require intended parents to complete medical testing.

Surrogate matching
Surrogate matching will take time. As intended parents, you should consent to background checks and this will usually take an average of 10 days to complete. Once the background checks are completed, the agency will review your profile and will make necessary matching suggestions.

Your profile will then be forwarded to available surrogates who meet your criteria. Remember that the surrogate profiles have already been screened. With this, you will be confident because the surrogates are already medically and psychologically qualified.

If a surrogate likes your profile, the surrogate will also share her background information and discuss the things needed to work together. In this process, arrangements will be explored. If both parties are amenable, it is time to move forward.

You need to establish an escrow account, which can cover the initial expenses of the surrogate. After this, you can finally meet the surrogate mother during the screening. The screening will take place in the IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) clinic of your choosing. The clinic should be reputable. If you cannot find a clinic, you can ask for the agency for recommendations.

If you already have a frozen embryo, the medical screening will only be for the surrogate. If you do not have frozen embryo, you should again submit to medical screening to determine any infectious diseases. The gestational surrogate may also need drug screening.

It is important that the agency has a legal team on staff. This will make things easier for you and the surrogate. The legal team will assist you with any legal matters especially drafting the compensation.

Final word
Your goal here is to find an agency that will make the surrogacy process seamless and simple as possible. The thought of becoming a parent is overwhelming and exciting. Some even described it as magical. The key here is to be prepared for the changes.

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