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Surgery for ingrown toenails


Toenails will be serving a significant purpose as they provide protection to the toes and the main component of a toenail is keratin and this will be helping in making it resilient and tough for daily activities. These toenails are helpful for the protection and also help in the enhancement of the grip for the motor functions. Any disease or damage to the toenails will create trauma or injury and cause severe pain. Day to day activities may get disturbed because of this and need immediate treatment. One such condition is the ingrown toenail, and this occurs when the nail edges or the nail corners will be growing into the skin which is right next to the nail. Such conditions need ingrown toenail surgery, which will thereby lessen condition and pain.

Get out of the terrible pain with the best treatment

The ingrown toenail condition is also called onychocryptosis and this is really a painful state that will be occurring in the side of the pierces of the nail which is surrounded by the skin of the nail. When this condition becomes severe the ingrown toenail will be requiring surgery and this is the procedure where the part of the nail that is ingrown is removed. There will be swelling and infection which will be resulting in severe, intense, and sharp pain. Even the slightest touch will make it painful and the pain will be intolerable. Where in milder cases toenail will be hurting when the footwear is put on.

Surgery for ingrown toenails

These nail conditions are not suggested for self-treatment as they will be dangerous and these usually involve utilizing the nail tools like pins, tweezers, nail Clippers, pliers, or scissors. Even the pedicurist may fail to treat this condition and all the attempts will be unsuccessful and may worsen the condition and the infection may increase.

In Singapore, this ingrown toenail condition can be treated at best with a procedure that takes only 35 minutes and this procedure is called partial nail avulsion with matrix phenolisation. This is an effective treatment for prevention of the ingrown toenails in the future and this is a completely safe surgery that involves the removal of the matrix which is a damaged part and will never grow again. After the successful surgery, the result will be a reshaped nail which is beautiful and will be 3mm narrower in terms of width than the previous one.


There are after-surgery suggestions and advice by the doctor and the toe is completely covered after this process of surgery and the bandage will be removed after two days. The entire procedure is performed by the specialist and completely clean and hygienic there is also another option that is a non-surgical method of the removal of the ingrown toenail but before you choose the option it is always advised to consult the doctor and get the toenails treated.

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