What you must know about Lipoma Removal in Singapore?

A Lipoma is a non-cancerous and benign growth found in the fatty/ subcutaneous layer of the skin. The lump is established by mature fat cells and is encapsulated/ enveloped by a fibrous tissue capsule. Once you touch lipoma, it moved easily. Lipomas are mostly not painful and are not a source of health problems. So they seldom need treatment. Your provider can remove the lipoma if it bothers you.

Lipomas can emerge anywhere on the body. Yet, they’re usually common on the trunk, neck, back, shoulders, and arms.

Be familiar with the symptoms of a lipoma:

Though lipomas are not painful, they can be uncomfortable especially if they press against a nerve or grow near a joint. A lot of people who have lipoma don’t observe any symptoms. Usually, the symptoms of a lipoma are the following:

  • Oval or round-shaped- The fatty lumps of rubbery tissue are normally symmetrical.
  • Painless- Some lipomas cause discomfort and pain depending on their size, location, and if blood vessels occur.
  • Encapsulated- they don’t extend to the tissues nearby them.
  • Moveable- They are beneath the surface of the skin and move once you touch them.
  • The diameter is smaller than 2 inches- there are only some cases that lipomas can be bigger than 6 inches wide.

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What involves a Lipoma Removal Procedure?

Before the surgery, your surgeon mostly outlines the lipoma and a planned skin extraction using a marker on your skin surface. The form of the lipoma aid your surgeon identify the exact position of the lipoma’s margin. Your surgeon will sanitize your skin with chlorhexidine or povidone-iodine. To keep away from wiping the markings.

To numb the area, your doctor will conduct local anesthesia once your skin is cleansed. Larger lipomas in a few cases or those that are deep may need regional or general anesthesia. Regional anesthesia numbs a wide area around the lipoma while general anesthesia lets you sleep.

How long must I remain in Singapore for a Lipoma Removal Procedure?

 Lipoma Removal is mostly done as an outpatient method, meaning you can quit the hospital on the same day. Yet, plan to stay in Singapore for about 5-7 days especially if it involves the stitches. In several cases, a follow-up check-up is usually scheduled by your medical team. This is to check your condition and to take out the stitches.

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