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How Advancements In Veterinary Medicines Has Improved Animal Health Care

Advancements in the field of medical science have enhanced the life of humans as well as pets. In the past two decades, veterinary medicine has drastically transformed and become robust enough to provide faster diagnoses and accurate prognoses to sick animals. The use of technologies like x-ray machines, CT Scans, and other advance technologies has become pivotal in saving the lives of sick animals and improving their quality of life. Moreover, these technologies are blessings not only for pets but also for their owners.

Let’s look at some ways how the use of medical technologies in animal hospital Virginia Beach improving the lives of animals.

Pain Management: For a very long time, it was thought that animals and humans felt and experienced pain differently. Pain relief was not prescribed to animals as it was thought that the medicine would not help in the surgical recovery.

But new findings due to medical advancements have revealed that animals heal quickly if their pain is under control. Now, there are new classes of medicines for pain relief and treatments like stem cell for pain.

Personal Care: Earlier, it was common for veterinarians to give the same vaccinations to pets of the same age and breed. They would also perform spay and neuter surgery on pets of the same age. Thanks to technology and data processing facilities, vets can offer personalized care to pets. Instead of functioning in a one-treatment-for-all model, vets have adopted individualized care approach to treat animals.

More specialists: In the 1950s, there were only two veterinary specialties – pathology and public health. Now, there are more than 40 specialties. Some of the most prominent are, behavior, dermatology, emergency, critical care medicine, anesthesia, dentistry, etc. moreover, there are more than 11,000 veterinarians all over the USA who are trained to provide care to pets with critical health problems.

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The Internet: When speaking of technological advancements, it’s impossible to mention the internet. The internet has enhanced veterinary care facilities in more ways than one. Through the internet, the pet owners can educate themselves on good pet care practices as well as find trusted pet hospital Virginia Beach. It has also brought top veterinary care on their fingertip. Within a few seconds, you can consult your vet without having to go to the clinic.

Advanced diagnostics:Until very recently, it would take days and weeks to get test results back from the lab. Thanks to technology, many veterinaries are equipped with advanced machines and devices that are enabling doctors to conduct tests in-house. Now, blood analysis, kidney diagnosis, and liver check-ups can be performed in a short time. These tests allow vets to diagnose the ailment without wasting precious time.

Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation or after-surgery therapies were practiced on animals. Once the animal’s stitches came out, doctors would consider the job is done. Now, animals are cared for until they are able to walk or move comfortably. Underwater treadmill, massage, and electrical stimulation are some of the ways to give therapies to animals and help them recover from their conditions.

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