What to Do with a Tooth Fracture

Tooth injury is one of the unavoidable events that can happen to anyone. And among them, the dental fracture is one of the most commons. You may face a tooth fracture in an accident or sports injuries. Your teeth may also break while chewing something too hard. Undoubtedly, a broken tooth is a dental emergency that must be examined and treated immediately. Aside from the unbearable pain it brings, a broken tooth simply disrupts your daily activities, such as speaking fluently or chewing easily. No one can have a beautiful smile with missing teeth. This article describes the steps you can take to deal with a broken tooth recommended by a specialist working at an emergency dental clinic in Vaughan. You can continue reading to gain some helpful information.

What Happens?
When there is a severe dental fracture, an awful toothache will be felt. Because in this emergency event, the inner pulp of the tooth will be revealed. Where is the inner pulp? Nerves, tissues and blood vessels are there. And the problem becomes critical and debilitating when the expressed areas become infected.

How to Prevent This Emergency Dental Issue?
If you strive to find some effective ways to avoid this emergency dental issue, here are some:
• Consider safety tips while doing sports. For example, if you are going to ride a bike, it is highly suggested to wear a helmet. Then if you fall, less or even no emergency dental injuries can happen. Or, if you are doing exercises, it is so helpful to have a mouth guard.
• As mentioned earlier, many dental injuries occur when a person eats foods such as nuts, ice, candies. Chewing pencils or cans can also cause damage to the teeth. You should stop all these habits.

Tooth Fracture

What to Do?
When you face this emergency dental issue, it is significant to calm down and know what to do. First things first, if you can find your broken tooth pieces. This is an essential step to save your tooth. Then rinse your mouth. Warm water is better. If there is bleeding, try to stop it with special gauze. In case gauze is not available, you can put a tea bag on the area and apply pressure on it. Cold packs are also helpful. Keep in mind that time is an influential factor in this emergency dental case. In other words, you only have 30 minutes to visit the emergency dentist. Otherwise, you may lose your teeth and have to go for tooth replacement options such as dental implants. If you cannot tolerate the pain, you can take painkillers.

Forbidden Actions
If you are going to visit the emergency dental specialist later, there are some considerations meanwhile. You should avoid eating something too hard or too cold. Besides, do not have acidic or salty foods and drinks such as lemon juice. Do not go for treatments prescribed by your family and friends. This is a severe emergency dental issue that should be assessed only and only by the professional emergency dental expert, so do not neglect it.

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