The Difference between Dental Implants and Dentures?

Long ago, people had to live with their lost teeth. There was no way to help them. But, Nowadays, losing a tooth is not a worrying issue since there are various cosmetic dental options to restore your glorious smile. One of these treatments is called the dental implant, and the other is called the denture. They both have some advantages and disadvantages. So, people may get confused about choosing the suitable one based on their dental situation. An expert working at 6006 Yong Dental implant center will give us a brief overview of each of these cosmetic dental treatments to help you make informed decisions.

First, let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants:

Good Points

This cosmetic dental method is the most common option for those who have lost their teeth. The first positive point is that they look like a natural tooth root. As a result, they can function like real teeth as extensive as it is difficult to distinguish them. The main element in dental implants is a titanium anchor in the jawbone. The second important element is called a crown. Crowns make your new tooth look exactly like your natural teeth. Finally, with the help of this titanium anchor and crown, you will have a new, strong, healthy, and permanent tooth replacement.

Bad Points

The biggest challenge with this dental method is the high cost. People may not be able to afford it and ignore this cosmetic dental treatment for replacing their missing teeth. Another negative point is the method of placement. Replacing your teeth with this cosmetic dental treatment requires several surgeries. As a result, more time is needed for healing. It should be noted that even your jaw may not be healthy enough to support this dental method.

Now, let’s learn more about dentures:

Good Points

They are suitable and popular among older people with a lot of missing teeth. Another important tip about older people is that they do not have enough healthy teeth.

Dentures are fastened in their mouth with the help of special glue. When you want a whole set of teeth or partial ones, you can choose dentures. Of course, sometimes, just a partial set is needed. It should be noted that thanks to new dental advancements, dentures look more natural.

Another good point about dentures is that they are cheaper than dental implants. So, if you are one of those who cannot afford the cost of implants, choose dentures as a substitute treatment.

Unlike implants, drilling your jawbone is not needed for dentures. So, it is considered another advantage of dentures.

This cosmetic dental treatment is a quick process and can be done with just some dental appointments.

Bad Points About Dentures

In this regard, one of the most negative points is that they slip in your mouth and make you feel uncomfortable with it. Then, unfortunately, they affect your speaking and eating quality. Your voice may not as well as your natural teeth.

Wearing dentures mean more dental care since if you do not care about their hygiene, there may be some severe dental issues such as infections and gum disease.

Dentures usually need to be removed at night. This point is considered as another negative point of them.

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