Do Not Worry About Your Lost Teeth

Technological advancements have eliminated most of our concerns about our oral and overall health problems. One of these advancements affecting people’s lives is called dental implants. Long ago, when people lost their teeth, they had to hide their smiles. There was no way to improve their appearance then. But, nowadays, dental implants are one of the best cosmetic dental methods to restore people their healthy teeth and glorious smile. One of the biggest advantages of this cosmetic dental method is that its failure rate is so less. As an experienced dentist performing dental implants in Toronto explains, the number of failures for this cosmetic dental treatment has been so less (less than 5%). But, there are some significant tips about taking care of an implanted tooth so as it can last a life long.

There are two stages related to taking care of an implanted tooth: before the surgery and after the surgery.

The most crucial action is to consult with a dental specialist before going through dental implant surgery. You may probably have heard that there are some conditions for having a dental implant. An implanted tooth can be successful in case you have completely healthy, strong gum. In other words, if there are some possible problems related to your oral health, you may be one of those who experience failure in this cosmetic dental method. As a result, a dental specialist is a suitable person who can help you in this regard.

When you refer to a dental implant center, first of all, your dental condition will be examined carefully. And then, if there is a gum disease, the dentist will suggest you spend time and money on removing this dental issue. At the next stage, your gum strength will be assessed. If you are too young, you will not be a good candidate for a successful dental implant.

After this dental surgery, if there is bleeding, consider some useful ways to stop it. For example, you can use special gauze to reduce bleeding. Also, consider changing the gauze repeatedly. Generally, do not be worried about bleeding, pain, and swelling. They are normal after having dental implant surgery.

After your new teeth are healed, you should do your best about their maintenance. Do not consider it as a false tooth. There is no difference between a natural tooth and an implanted tooth. Brush and floss it exactly like a natural tooth. But remember to use a soft toothbrush, and brush it gently.

Besides, you should take care of your new teeth. Do not bite hard food. Have regular visits with your dentist to be aware of your oral health situation. When you visit a dental specialist, there are some special tools to clean your implanted tooth. So, you can be sure that there is no debris between your implanted teeth, and as a result, the percentage of having an infection or dental decay around your implant will be decreased significantly.

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