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Ways To Birth Control

Birth control pills as the name suggests it used to control birth of the baby; they are taken in the form of tablets. These are prescribed mainly for second child for maintaining gap between children. There are many other ways other than birth control pills Singapore they are

  • Merina
  • Copper T wire
  • condoms

Most of the time the pills taken by the patients are misunderstood that it has side effects to use and most of them resist taking, for those people this will be the best article. May be by their sisters or friends or family members they take many myths about these birth control pills, some many of them get clarified by looking into this article.

The birth control pills contain hormones but they are present in Avery low quantity. The hormone level is very much low when compared to emergency pills for birth control. It is safer to take the regular contraceptive pills than taking an emergent pill to prevent birth because these emergent oils have high hormone compared to normal pills.

For every woman these pills don’t suit because if they have any health complications that may trigger by it .before using them it is must to consult a doctor. Many believe that these oils mess the period cycle but it is false, exactly it maintains the cycle to come in regular way.

Birth control pills

The same birth controls are useful to treat irregular menstrual cycle and also other poly cystic ovarian disease. We need to take the pill for 21 days as recommended every day night without fail. There is a seven day period that is window period, in that time we will get periods. By this the cycle will become regular.

The other myth for these pills is they gain weight by using them, but it is false because due to water retention in body it looks like weight gain. Not exactly it is proved that it gains weight it is just a misconception. If we use healthy way of living and maintain good health it is the best option for you to use these pills. There is another myth that of anyone uses these pills may affect the future birth but it is false ,immediately after we stop using the medication other cycle comes to normal and we will be able to give birth again.

If we use the pils irregularly then it may cause menses problems, so it is must to take these oils regularly. And also there are chances if we doesn’t use the medicine properly and have intercourse there are chances of birth, then getting pregnancy and terminating it is not the right process for your health. There is another myth that taking these pills leads to cancer, though the contraceptive pills have chance of cancer but it is not exactly proved. The important thing is we need to take it every day without fail, and then it leads to success.

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