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Now a days we are seeing many airborne diseases which are prevailing in this world we as humans should take the responsibility to protect ourselves as the environment is getting air polluted and which is leading to many respiratory health issues as well, in order to keep a check for all these problems we need a protection by wearing a mask that has layers which would protect us from the pollution and as well the air borne disease there are many masks which are prevailing in the market now a days let us discuss about each in detail now as going forward we shall know about the benefits and drawbacks of each ones, there are mainly two types of masks present which are produced by LHM Medical they are procedure masks and Surgical masks.

Now let us discuss about them in broad way. Procedure masks are the non-sterile masks which are used by the medical professional during the procedures which can be of one time used and disposed again, these are made of polypropylene material which are used to cover the mouth and nose during the procedures. Surgical masks are the one which are used by the front-end staff or nurses in the medical field during any types of surgeries happening in the hospitals to protect themselves from the airborne diseases. These masks are made of non-woven fabric material its just one time use material. These masks are being manufactured by surgical mask manufacturer by doing this they are providing a lot of help to entire world during the pandemic situation of covid 19.

Benefits of wearing a Mask:

Now let us discuss about the benefits of wearing a mask:

  1. We can protect ourselves from these borne diseases.
  2. From Air pollution.
  3. By wearing a mask, we stop the transmission of deadly diseases.

These are the few benefits by which we wearing a mask can protect us and environment from the hazardous situations.

However in our olden days we never used to get all these diseases and much of air pollution but now a days we are getting these kind of many diseases as the world is getting globally warmed with air pollution and many humans are getting intervened into the animals life so we are getting these health issues, how ever a healthy life style leads to a healthy life so we need to take care of ourselves and protect the human kind by helping ourselves and helping others in need.

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