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Choose The Right Eatology Diet Plan For You

What is Eatology all about? 

Eatology is a meal planner that provides daily planned means to your doorstep. They have many experienced dieticians and experts that make the daily diet plan, and the cooks make it fresh every day, which gets delivered to you in no time. These dietary plans are rich in nutrients and help you reach your goal of either staying healthy, boosting your energy level, or losing some weight. Being a Hong Kong-based eatery, they deliver food in the nation only. You can be sure that the food that will be delivered to your doorstep will be of great quality as that is their focus. To figure out what meal should be taken daily, it can get difficult after a few days. So, leave this to the experts and focus on a healthy lifestyle instead.

Keto-light diet plan By Eatology

The keto-light diet is one of the specialties of the company. It will let you consume calories starting from 1200, 1500, 1800 to 2200 and, you can have it for breakfast, lunch and, dinner all three meals throughout the day. You have the choice for how many weeks you want to have this diet and how many days a week. If you do not want an item to be included in your meal, you can remove them but note that you might be charged for this purpose. The keto-light diet has very low carbohydrates, sugar and, glycemic index, moderate protein and high fiber, and fats.

Right Eatology Diet Plan

The paleo diet plan

The paleo diet plan is quite similar to the keto-light diet in terms of the number of calories, the time when you can have it, and the options available to choose for how many weeks and days in a week you would want to have this diet. In this diet, you can also remove a certain item you do not want to consume, which may be again chargeable or non-chargeable. The diet has no sugar, gluten-free, moderate carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and high fiber. The paleo diet is comparatively costlier than the keto-diet but is richer in carbohydrates and proteins, necessary for a healthy body. 

How to select the right meal plan from Eatology?

Selecting the right meal plan is very important. You should select a plan that complements your daily lifestyle and can be followed by you easily. For instance, your daily lifestyle includes a lot of sitting for your work. You should consume food accordingly with low calories, whereas if you have a lot of physical work to do throughout the day, it is better to consume more calories. So, before you choose any meal plan, be sure to check your daily lifestyle before it.

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