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Registered optometrist in Singapore

Optometrists are the primary eye and vision care practitioners. They perform diagnosis and check for the vision problems such as short or long eye sightedness and prescribing eye glasses or contact lenses.

They usually provide pre or post operative counselling.

All optometrists must have to register with the Optometrist and Opticians Boardin order to startclinical practice as an optometrist.

They must have a valid registered certificate to practice in Singapore.

It must consider as a punishable offence with out a valid registration.

For registration, applicant must qualify optometry degree that is approved. They must have an offer letter for a position of optometrist in Singapore. They must possess good name in the society and shows credibility. They must give any examinations if needed.

Singapore offers diploma programme in optometry and international students also can apply for this programme. This course focuses on providing sufficient knowledge and skills regarding eye checkups and testing, diagnosis, several eye diseases management, knowledge about eye glasses and precautions to be taught while giving contact lenses for the patients. There are some universities that provide educational services only to the students in Singapore itself and it is often treated as an additional academic qualification by the Optometrist and Optician Board (OOB).

Types of registrations:

There are four types of registrations, first is full registration where applicants can practice anywhere in Singapore independently. All applicants must complete provisional registration before getting eligible for full registration.

Second is provisional registration for those who are freshly graduated with local or foreign qualification with out practical knowledge. They have to complete this to become eligible for full registration.

Third is conditional registration where the applicant has foreign degree in optometry but no clinical experience for one year in  Singapore. They have to fulfil all the conditions to become eligible applicants for full registration.

Fourth is temporary registration where the applicant have to complete particular unique service locations or requirements by Singapore government.

Approved optometry qualifications in Singapore includes full time or part time Diploma in optometry in Singapore polytechnic or parkway college.All optometrists have to register under Contact Lens Practitioners Board and can practice as so. The ministry of health in Singapore formed Optometry and Optician Board(OOB) and all the optometrists shall register in OOB for future practice in Singapore.

After the registration process, once they become registered optometrist in singapore there are various opportunities for career development and recruits them in reputed eye centres, educational institutions and in Hospitals.

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